Who are Android 17 and 18?

Hallo everyone, do you know who are Android 17 and 18 real name?
Akira Toriyama was revealed the real name from android 17 and 18 in Japan. Several Q and A was published. It was the part of bonus material from the new color editions of the cell arc in vol. 4-6.
In that Q and A we can find that the true identity from them are Lapis and Lazuli. Lapis for android no 17 and Lazuli for the android no 18.

After the battle with cell, we know that android 18 maried with kuririn and had children. how about android 17? According to Toriyama, Android No. 17 worked as a park ranger at a natural preserve. He shows no mercy to poachers which made him very suited for this kind of work. Aside from that, he was paid so well in his work and was able to get married to a zoologist and got two adopted children.

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