Upcoming Gundam Origin I,trailer

 Here is the next upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam : THE ORIGIN (機動戦士ガンダム THE ORIGIN Kidou Senshi Gandamu The Origin) is a mini series of theatrical Movies produced by Sunrise based on the Gundam Manga of the same name by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. This movies is the adaption of the Gundam manga series that went back and re-make the original Gundam tv series with a lot of expansion and more detail. This manga retells the One Year War story from the original anime series. It is not the first time that anime go into manga and then go back into anime. The original series was ran back in 1979, and the manga started in 2001 and it ended in 2011, twenty three volumes.

origin 1This MS Gundam movies will be split into four parts(OVA), with the first part subtitled “Blue-Eyed Casval”, 1st series will be the story of the childhood days of Char Aznable and Sayla. The first part of this movies is expected for release sometime during Spring 2015.

origin 3It is the year UC (universal Century) 0079, the world Earth Federation is storing and testing a new build piloted mobile suit in a space colony for fight the Principality of Zeon. The experimented mobile suit is called RX-78 Gundam. This Gundam is scheduled to be taken to Federation command in Jaburo, in Brazilian deep jungles. The Principality of Zeon attack the transporter, and the Earth Federation strike back with the new mobile suit Gundam.

oriign 2

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