Tokyo Odaiba, 1/1 Scale Gundam

Odaiba across the other side of Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge is a warm island of food and fun with the added park of great views of the city, including great Tokyo Tower and beautiful Sky Tree. But for Japan Boys and Girls, Odaiba is special island. In the middle of Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is the island that you can get check out a giant Gundam RX 78-2 1/1 scale model , snap photo-ops from inside a large metal ball, enter a maid cafe, eat some robot sweets (not as crunchy as they sound), drink fresh robot latte, visit an awesome attraction for one of the top anime robot franchises ever, play and have fun at an indoor amusement park, and watch a free amazing show with a mobile suit.

8184321483_5f32415338_zThe giant Gundam RX 78-2 mobile suit standing large and in charge outside the Odaiba area’s newest shopping area destination, Diver City. But there’s a lot more to do now than just stand and quiet. You Check out this all access Gundam guide. Gundam series is a long-running Japanese franchise, anime, movie and TV franchise set in the future where Mobile Suits with human pilots fight each other in a complexed war story from the earth federation and the rebellion like Zeon, Neo Zeon, etc. Gundam series have a massive worldwide fans and follower.

2013-04-03-tvfujiAt Diver City, an evening event mixing film on giant LED screens with lights, sound and action from the Gundam RX 78-2 robot draws big crowds especially during the warmer weather. The event runs once every hour and actually starts in the early afternoon. However, it’s not nearly as impressive attraction, so stay until dark. You will see an amazing nigh Gundam show.



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