Pikachu Gets His Own 1-Hour TV Special

TV Tokyo has confirmed that a new Pikachu one-hour television special will premiere on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The Pocket Monster XY Pikachu the Movie 1 Jikan Special (Pokémon XY: Pikachu the Movie 1-Hour Special) anime will feature a “big outbreak” of Pikachu.


The special will feature five acts: “Pikachu wa Star!? Eiga Debut!!” (Pikachu’s a Star?! Movie Debut!), “How to Pikachu the Movie! Yo-i! Action!!” (How to Pikachu the Movie! Reeeady! Action!!), “Jinrai no Hero! Super Pikachu!!” (Thunderclap Hero! Super Pikachu!!), “Pikachu no Doki Doki NG Taishō” (Pikachu’s Heart-Pounding No Good Prize), and “Chōsen Pokémon Sky Relay! Tobe Onbat!!” (Challenge Pokémon Sky Relay! Fly, Noibat!!).The Pokémon Company describes one act of the special:A big outbreak of Pikachu?! A movie of Pikachu by Pikachu for Pikachu is finally complete! The evil organization Black Pikachu Corps approaches Pikachu Land! Will Super Pikachu really be able to protect the peace of the area?!

Source: Pikachu Gets His Own 1-Hour TV Special – News – Anime News Network

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