Om telolet om meaning

Viral thing nowdays
“om telolet om” for my foreign friend

Spesial Thank’s to Henry Hendryanto

It all began when vagrant kids who lived near a bus or truck terminal notice that some drivers customized their vehicle horn to play popular tunes or just sound amusing. With no other source of entertainment like TV, and playing games gets old, they use those custom horn sound as their source of entertainment.


What began as a small group of children now has grown as a fad to even bigger numbers of children, all waiting in a row facing passing trucks and buses. With a phone to record video in hand, they also often carries a simple cardboard sign scribbled with “Om (lit. uncle, also usually used as informal call for older male) telolet (onomatopoeia of horn sound, like honk honk) om.”, basically meaning “Sir, honk please sir”
As this fad among children grow, so is the awareness of internet user toward these phenomena. Sometimes, the “Om telolet om” term is used for comedic effect, and knowing first hand how our people works, this short-hand word is often spammed by Indonesian not only on local forums but also on official fanpages of artists. And with the huge number of Indonesians fans of DJs and composer, expect a huge wave of this word enough for the artist to aware of this.

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