Moving Giant Gundam Global Chalenge

Bandai Namco planning to launching a project called the Gundam Global Challenge to build a moving life-sized Gundam that can physically move. “The time has finally come, and we want to offer the challenge of making an 18-meter Gundam capable of moving,” said Bandai Co. CEO Kazunori Ueno in an announcement that was uploaded to the Internet,Wednesday.

In the year of 2009, the 18m full-scale GUNDAM statue made its appearance. With its awesome design it captured the heart of many people and showed us the potential of a dream.
Now, GUNDAM moves Japan and the whole world towards 2019, the year of GUNDAM 40th Anniversary.

“Challenge the dream: GUNDAM moves and it moves the world”

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The life-sized Gundam figurine in Tokyo’s Odaiba
The life-sized Gundam figurine in Tokyo’s Odaiba
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