Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode 4 「At the Bottom of the Gravity Well」 (ENG Sub)

The Zeon Remnant, sleeves forces strike the Federation Capitol Building at Dakar in a feint operation to allow the struggle Garencieres to descend to Earth safely. Banagher Links is revealed to have been rescued by the sleeves Captain from death by landing on the desert, Garencieres mid-descent.

Marida is escorted to a secret Federation facility in North America, where Martha Vist Carbine manipulates and push her using the wreck of an old Mass-Production Unit Qubeley, the MS that she had piloted in the past. Audrey is held at the Marcenas mansion. Riddhe escapes after Ronan his father, tells him the truth about Laplace’s Box. Audrey Burne briefly escapes captivity long enough to have a insightful conversation with an old man in a local Cafe, which strengthens her resolve. Bright Noa is ordered to take Marcenas son,Riddhe on board the Ra Cailum ship under his command, as well as capture the Garencieres.


After being invited in from around the world, the Zeon Remnant forces band unity and assault Torrington Base en masse. Loni Garvey with her Shamblo, falls victim to the malfunctioning on-board psycommu system, becoming a host channel for her dead father’s bloodlust and begins indiscriminately brutality massacring the population from that local city, despite being ordered to avoid causing collateral damage. Banagher Link, appalled by the resulting brutal destruction, confronts Zinnerman about his hypocritical rationalizing of the situation and flies out in the Unicorn Gundam to put a stop to Loni’s berserk. After failing to reason with her, he activates the NT-D system in a last-ditch effort to stop her without fighting to lethal force. Incensed by Banagher Link’s refusal to kill Loni, Riddhe decides to kill her himself, much to Banagher’s dismay, and orders him at gunpoint to hand over the Unicorn Gundam according to Captain Bright’s orders. As he threatens Banagher, the two witness a mysterious banshe Unicorn Gundam being dropped into the battlefield.



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