MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC (episode 1-6) – Digest All in 100 Sec

All you need to know about Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn in a hundred second. (Mobile Suit GUNDAMUC Episode 1-6 Digest).
Gundam Unicorn picks up the story the well-known Mobile Suit Gundam, if you haven’t seen any other series don’t worry you can still enjoy it .


2So there’s something that will supposedly bring down here federation government itself it called the Laplace’s box. Someone want to give it to the sleeves the Neo Zeon Remnant, to hit the Federation.
A war will totally breakout happens, so the teenager Audrey Burne ( She’s really Mineva Lao Zabi) try to stop. Then Audrey meet Banagher Links. Banagher Links (The main hero of this series is just an ordinary student) from industrial seven and it’s clear they’re destined to be together


Failed to stops this the battle started and Banagher given the Unicorn Gundam by his dad.
Unicorn Gundam reveals for the boxes but in a series a space that cruise, full frontal get successful defeat unicorn and then kidnap Banagher at least a couple at night. The hyper mega particle cannon shooted to rescue Banagher. Daguza sacrifices himself. Banagher shoot down mister Galboa ,it is really sad.

3Meanwhile federation pilot ,Riddhe goes to earth to use his family connections to help but it’s not that simple he’s rejected. Banagher and Audrey get closer, that make Riddhe jealous. The Earth Federation want that Laplace’s box because it doesn’t want to ever be open. Have this foundations been using device to get favors from the government.
They want to keep that arrangement his leaves one if they can force the Federation to establish a new economic zone in space. And the location the unicorn finally revealed is where it all began industrial sector it will be a race from here on out incineration.

6All will be revealed in Episode seven.

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