Lego Stop Motion Troll Warrior – Lego Castle 5618

Lego 5618 Troll Warrior is a Castle set released in 2008. The set contains 19 pieces, building a battle cart, a Troll Warrior and a rat.

Lego Castle 5618 Description :
The main part of this Lego set is the attack cart. This consists of two brown wheels joined by a wheel joiner onto a small baseplate, two silver steel spears, and a flick-fire missile with a maroon tip. The rest of the set consists of a Lego Troll Warrior minifigure and a light grey rat.5618

Lego Castle 5618 Background :
In the 2008 waves of Castle, the trolls attacked the Crown Kingdom. The set’s box art depicts the troll warrior with his cart crossing the boarder to attack the Crown Kingdom.


Ages : 5-12
Released : June 27, 2008 (US) / May 21, 2008 (UK)
Theme: Castle – Castle (2007)


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