Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 30 – SUB english

Hello everyone, this is Kamen Rider Gaim Episodes:30 . The Legendary Red and Blue Kikaider. This is a crossover episodes (Kamen Rider Gaim and Kikaider). The red and blue kikaider battle robot come to Zawame City. Sakuraba Kaouta and Mai meet Jiro a.k.a Kikaider in the Zawame City street. They think that Jiro is a street performer, but when the rain pour from the sky, Jiro still standing and not even moving.


Kouta touch him, and he feel that Jiro is made from metalJiro start moving after strike by a lightning. But he don’t remember anything about himself other than his name. He start helping Kouta and his sister,doing all tha homework,cook,dish wash,etc. Kouta feel like he found his pet in the past that he ever had. And then Jiro and Kouta is caught in the battle. They must fight with Hakaider, Hakaider tell Jiro that he is a battle robot created by Nobohiko Koumyuji the great scientis. Jiro force Kouta to push the reebot button that appear in the back body of Jiro. Then Jiro transform into battle robot Kikaider, Finally The Legendary Red and blue Kikaider appear. Finally Jiro found his true purpose to protect someone and say goodbye to Kouta.

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