Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 28 [Subbed]

Hallo everyone today lets watch full stream of Kamen Rider Gaim episode 28, The Betrayal of Zangetsu. Takatora reports to Ryoma, Sid, and Yoko that Kouta will be working for them in hunting down the Overlords in an attempt to stop Helheim Forest. They agree to the plan, but the next time they all enter Helheim Forest, Ryoma has set up a trap to take Takatora out of the equation.Talatora was fall into the trap and he got down by Ryouma,Sid and Yoko and drop into the valley. Is Takatora save?

Kouta still behave naive. and does not realize that his best friend could have been stabbed in the back. wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is still trying to believe the meaning of friendship. Mainly friendship with mitsuzane


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