Inspirit Online Open Beta Testing!

Hello everyone are you ready for the Inspirit Online Open Beta?
The open beta is coming up! The open beta will be available for all players without any need for keys.

The servers will be going down tomorrow at 5PM UTC +2 for final infrastructure changes and will remain closed until the OBT launch on 24th.5Ynkeef

Open Beta Information
Start: 24th July (Friday) | The servers will be open at 5:00 PM UTC +2
The CBT information will be wiped. Any data saved past and during OBT will remain saved for the live launch. Which means no more wipes.

The rewards for CBT players are still being decided and will be announced once OBT launches officially.

NS Billing
Payments will be disabled for 1 to 2 weeks of the OBT launch, the billing system is still getting its final touches, bug fixes and gateway establishments.

Official site :

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