Gundam Duel Company (Battle Card)

¬†Gundam Duel Company is a card game. The system that “perfectly combines trading cards game with a board browser game”.
The Card design contain of Gundam mobile Suit and the pilot.

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1UntitledGame Overview :
– This game is based ENGLISH LANGUAGE .
– It would begin with a starter deck sales , which consists of 8 cards for each packnya , contains 2 pilots and 6 Mobile Suit ( MS ).
– Each card will have a QR Code and Unique Code that can be enter to the registration or pilot MS acquired in the online game that will be released in June .
– The game system is a strategic game online card game .
– This game can be played in many devices such as Windows based devices ( PCs , tablets , smartphones ) , Android based devices ( tablets , smartphones ) , and iOS based devices ( Iphone , Ipad ) .
– Each card the same may ditop – up to clicking the same MS -enhance up to 3 times .
– If the pilot is placed in Mobile Suit that was supposed to happen a great enhancement in the battle against MS performance .

– Cards that have been used , if not to be used anymore can still be deregistered so that the card can be sold or given away .
– In the starter decks , there are 4 fractions or editions to choose from , namely the EFSF , Zeon , Seed , and 0 Gundam .
– Starter deck and definitely not random contents . The good news is just for certain existing EFSF and Amuro Rei RX – 78-2 , to Zeon no Chars Aznable and Red Comet Zaku , the existing Seed Freedom Gundam and Kira Yamato , the existing 0 Gundam and Setsuna F Seiei .
– Expansion 1 booster will be random with a mixture of various kinds of contents Gundam edition of the longest days of the Universal Century Gundam Unicorn up or even Gundam Fighter Build or also manga version or a custom version of the omake and outside the story ( as ver . Train the model kits ) .
Thank you and hope all can enjoy the game.

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