GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS-Episode 6: A Reason to Battle (ENG sub)

To have a rematch against Tatsuya Yuuki, and beat him—this has been Reiji’s only motivation for fighting Gunpla battles. But now that Yuuki has suddenly withdrawn from the competition, Reiji has lost his purpose, and aimlessly wanders the streets. Sei, too, is frustrated that he can’t have a rematch with Yuuki. Seeing the two of them, China feels an indescribable uneasiness. Now that Reiji is unable to fight Yuuki, where is he going to end up? But Sei vows to believe in Reiji, and looks forward to his eventual return. Meanwhile, Reiji is trembling with fear as Tatsuya Yuuki appears before him. And clutched in his hand is the Zaku Amazing!
Very bad damage to both of them,and they show the great battle. Yuuki is the winner in this battle,but both Sei and Reiji give a good combination.The combinaton from the builder Sei and the fighting skill from Reiji. Over all this episode are great.
Toy that appear in this episode

The RX-178B Build Gundam Mk-II is a mobile suit from the anime series Gundam Build Fighters and a variant of the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II. It is built by Sei Iori as a back-up unit and piloted by Reiji. The suit is later used in a battle during the festival by Sei against Reiji. Based on the Gundam Mk-II that appeared in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Sei also takes into account the settings of the animation when designing the Build Gundam Mk-II. Its main armament are two new beam rifles, dubbed “Beam Rifle Mk-II”, two beam sabers, and two movable shields, and can be optionally equipped with a hyper bazooka, a vulcan pod and MK-II’s standard shield and beam rifle. It is also equipped with the Build Booster Mk-II support unit which can operate as an independent fighter
You can click the texy below to see the detail :
Bandai Hobby #04 HGBF Build Gundam MK 2 Model Kit (1/144 Scale)

Bandai Hobby #03 HGBC Build Booster MK 2 Model Kit (1/144 Scale)

That’s all for today hope you enjoy it. And I will show you another video and toy review,see you in the next episodes :).

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