Good Smile Company to Open Its Own Factory in Tottori, Japan

Good Smile Company to Open Its Own Factory in Tottori, Japan. The 26th, agreement signing ceremony by the four-party company, county, or city due to the advance figure Kurayoshi manufacturing of top domestic “Good Smile Company” (Headquarters, Tokyo, Aki Kihan president) of was the Governor’s Mansion. The manufacturing 40,000 month popular series that the figure of 2.5 head and body of the character animation and games to “Nendoroid”. It’s plans to start operations in October, to hire 100 people in three years.From the 26th (second from right) Aki president shaking hands in front of the popular figure, the prefectural government

Figures overseas production is the subject, figure large-scale factory is to be established in the country that for the first time.

IP140626TAN000086000The company, established “Tottori Kurayosi factory” (about 3300 m2) in the building of Onkyo trading of Nishikurayoshi Industrial Park (city periodical). Capital expenditures about 420 million yen. It is a specific manufacturing industry ripple effect is large in the prefecture, county and city auxiliary total of 300 million yen for factory rent and initial investment. Per person employed of full-time, and a total of 1.3 million yen grant the city and county in employment.


Currently, it is manufactured in a factory in Shanghai, China, but for reasons such as avoidance of exchange rate risk and labor costs rise, it was determined to open a domestic manufacturing base.

For decisive factor of Kurayoshi advance, Aki president said, “there was a understanding of the content industry received a love call very hot, as represented by” Manga Kingdom “.”


Tottori Kurayoshi factory is carried out in the center manually paint from molding, assembly, and packing up. Tie-up with technical companies in the prefecture such as mold processing. It is intends to plan as well as sales events a collection of figures and fans factory tour, you want to contribute to tourism 誘客.

81fe168c7c02731394a4d9a3d27ecb301403929097_fullsource : Nihonkai Shimbun

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