Formania Gun Ship Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind non-scale Display Model

 61GphJAbQ0L._SL1500_Let’s see the obvious point out of the way for big fans of Nausicaa (manga or movie): this ship has significant design that differences from the Gunship in either version.

Bandai co. claims Hayao Miyazaki had input in this ship design, and I find the claim is believable: It’s been over 25 years past since he first drew the old Gunship and, just as the manga itself evolved over about 12 years he wrote it, I’m sure his first ideas for the ship’s design did changes as well. So while the changes make the ship different, it seems to be better follow the closer harmony with nature possessed by the Valley of the Wind. Think of it as the Gunship Mark II type.

619zNZiXUgL._SL1500_Review :
— This new version Gunship by Bandai trades that for the ability to spread out like a set of mechanical flying bird’s wings. It looks awesome and certainly takes the bird motif to the next level.
— this model more aesthetically pleasing. looked at pictures of some of the older Gunship models (which were more accurate to the film/comic version), and they looked more awkward in real life than this design.

— There are two larger jets in the rear/bottom of the central fuselage. The ship main engine also hangs just below the little fuselage, making the Gunship look more like a modern fighter jet.
— There are numerous other small part changes throughout the design.
— Nausicaa fans must have it.

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