Durango Limited Beta Test First Impression And Review

Some people now have access to login into the game and try this brand new Durango Mobile Game. There appear some people who were inside the train. You can see from the screenshoot below where the game is begin. Suddenly the train get attacked by a Raptor and a big T-rex. Everyone vanished including the girl that you met before.

Like other mobile games, you can simply tap the character to the destination area and then do social interaction, such as talk, eat and drink.



What you have to do in this game is to survive. Gather and collect some item and material. Battle with the dinosaurs. Talk with the npc and get some quest. You have to eat and drink to maintain your character. You have to craft some weapon if you want to cut or break tree,stone,etc.
You can get more information by watching Durango Limited Beta Test [Live Stream #1]


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