Dragomon Hunter Preview

Hello everyone. Today I want to talk about the game that will be released at the end of this year. Dragomon Hunter online. In this game you will find 100 Dragomon that roam the world.

Defeated monsters can be tamed; ride into battle on an epic mount or turn them into a cute pet.

dmh-grid1-big dmh-grid4-big

You can use your gamepad,mouse and keyboard as your favorite controller to play this game.dmh-grid2-big

This game have a huge world to explore. You can defeat and take the down the dragomon with your friends.dmh-grid5-big

and you can Harvest materials from defeated Dragomon to craft powerfull geardmh-grid6-big

You can take part in the game as a Scout, Mercenary, Mage or Cleric.15855_1633193243595353_7629511467883470446_n


Go To Official site : http://dragomon-hunter.com/

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