China Kousaka (the Bear Lover) Moment

Do you remember China Kousaka? Yes, she is one of the Gundam Build Fighter series female character. And she is the controller of the cutest Gundam Bear III “san”. Same as Sei Iori,she is a 7th-grader in Seiho Academy’s art program, and a class rep. Her father runs the Kousaka Restaurant. Seeing Sei Iori’s enthusiasm in Gunpla building, she start to love gunpla with her ownstyle. She also holds feelings for Sei.

bearsaWhile waiting for the next series of Gundam  Build  Fighter that has not been aired, I want to remember 5 moments of China Kousaka.

233f00eaa57e31928a51437715693f681398541539_full1. Winning in Art Competition
gundam-build-fighters-bearguy-in-wonderland-painting-art-honey-china-kousakaShe is a good painter at her school and the rival of Caroline (one of the female character in this series). Caroline always lose in any competition from China. In the last competition,Caroline defeated by China Bear Painting. And this painting was the inspiration for China to make his first Gunpla.

2. China first Gunpla
cd97505d37cb36878a29da29da3e7465_480China became interested in  Gunpla, because often watch Sei Iori played Gunpla battle game. Over time China started to like both of them. Love the Gunpla game and love Sei Iori. His love for Gundam proven by building her first Gunpla named Mr. Bear San. The unique Gunpla  created by China Kousaka,who are good in art.

Anime-ecchi-gundam-build-fighters-9710293. China embarassing moment
Reiji&China01China together with, Reiji and Sei’s family went on vacation. They went to the beach after Sei and Reiji  won the Gunpla championship in his region. They went there as a prize of winning the regional tournament. On the beach that’s happening embarrassing moment for China. As a result of innocence Reiji asks something to China and Sei’s mother.

Rinko&China014. The Moment of Struggle
gundam-build-fighters-cast-mihoshi-kirara-ricardo-fellini-aila-jyrkic3a4inen-caroline-yajima-rinko-iori-china-kousaka-tatsuya-meijin-kawaguchi-yuukiThis is the moment from the last episodes. This is the moment where all the main characters in the series fight side by side. They fight for the world to avoid destruction, due to leakage of crystal plavsky happened in the final Gunpla World Championship. Together with Sei, Reiji, Meijin, Niels, Felini, Aila and all the other main characters, they managed to destroy the crystal. and the series ends with a happy ending.

5. China Kousaka Director Cut Moment

gundam_build_fighters___kousaka_china_by_artemisumi-d6rg8hiThe moment China take a bath with Bear San. I’m just kidding on this one. This moment never existed in the real story. The picture I get accidentally when browsing the internet, it is work from Artemisumi.

Thank you for reading my article, hopefully entertain all of you.

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