CABAL2 – Open Beta Officially Begins 7PM PDT!

The wait for CABAL 2 has been long, and starting on July 2nd, your wait will finally come to an end. Cabal 2 gates will open at 7PM PDT, and your adventure into Ektensia begins.

Embrace your inner power, master the art of chaining your devastating skills, and weave your path of destruction before your enemies. Forge your true destiny through strength or magic in CABAL 2.

Cabal 2 first event will also begin once the servers open! Players who log in within the first week will be able to gain the exclusive “Elder” title, to show how they paved the way for everyone in CABAL 2! Cabal 2 team will also offer a raffle for our players, where the winners will be announced through a special live stream, and a character customization event where you’ll have the chance to make your carefully crafted character into a preset for everyone!

Action-MMO with fluid, skill-based combat

Source: ESTGames – CABAL2 – NEWS – Open Beta Officially Begins 7PM PDT!

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