Cabal 2 Open Beta First Look Gameplay

Start your journey in the WORLD OF EKTENSIA. MMORPG CABAL 2 is a FTP (Free to Play) 3d Fantasy Game.
Conquer the world of Ektensia in the role of a strong mercenary, and participate in a number of PVE Battle, Dungeons, Instances, and PvP Battlefields.

Create your own combo with all of Cabal 2 classes. You can choose Warrior class, Wizard class, Force Shielder class, Force Blader class, Force Archer class, and Priest class. Defeat your foes using our fast paced, skill based combo system, and strategically utilize the “Battlemode” feature to help you win the battle.

Many features our players will be able to enjoy are:
PVE Dungeons in each map, starting with Frostrock Forest and ending towards the two giants, Heavenly Citadel and Sky Gardens!

Epic PvP battle in the following battlefields:
– Forgotten Desert Temple Battlefield, an 18v18 large scale PVP battlefield that will host chaotic battles as players race to capture the enemy’s base of operations!
– Maelstrom Castle, a 6v6 battlefield intended for the more focused and concentrated battles where players can truly test their skills!
– Open World PVE Dungeons with Abysmos, where each destroyed Abysmocore will challenge each of you to earn every single loot drop!

Disclaimer: All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated.

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