Auris – Full Frontal Custom. Sieg Zeon !

Here is the latest car custom from Toyota Auris, inspired by the popular Anime, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn the series. Now, Full Frontal have his own custom car. Full Frontal is the villain in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The Leader of the Neo Zeon “the sleeves”. The main villain that have to face by Banagher.ff-3

ff-9This car show up in the Event screening of ” Beyond the Rainbow Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 7 “. The Unicorn movie itself is to start at the theater across the country 35 Hall from May 17, 2014 . Sometimes it is the final chapter series , who are looking forward to opening in movie theaters must in many cases.

ff-1I have found such a Full Frontal is , they are coming to Tokyo , Shinjuku Piccadilly as early as release of the movie before . Shinjuku Piccadilly cinema complex on behalf of Tokyo , it is also the flagship building of screening events of this time .Full Frontal of life-size stood on the floor of the first floor . And next to it , the bright red vehicle Auris lined . Speaking of bright red Auris , Auris Char’s Geo Nick Toyota announced in 2013 is famous , but the design is wrong somewhere here.

ff-8This car will be not sold in any show room. In fact in the world that is based on Char’s Auris of only one of this. The only appearance you are boarding a red mobile suit is said to be the second coming of Char , reminiscent of Char , vehicle , which is based on Char’s Auris ‘s just perfect .

ff-6If you check the vehicle on display , red color image is the same , but design of Full Frontal dedicated only has been decorated with a fine point . Emblem of Neo Zeon is appealing front part , the ceiling portion , the side most part . The mark of the MS-186H-FF of Full Frontal -only Auris is as model number . Huge horn to the vertical windshield to strongly appeal to the uniqueness further . The figure is likely to appeal to many fans .

ff-11The original car

Source : Anime-anime

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